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We are a leading manufacturer of self-adhesive labels for the pharmaceutical industry.
Our production can be roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet on different materials: self-adhesive paper, transparent PP PET material (polypropylene and polyethylene terephthalate, …) or compostable. We are able to laminate the materials with different types of glue (hotmelt and UV) and, in addition, we have the capacity to print and laminate several materials using different printing and deadhesive techniques simultaneously.

We operate with various printing technologies:

  • Offset: indirect printing, ideal for micro text
  • Flexo: direct printing, ideal for pantone reproduction
  • Digital: inkjet printing, with the possibility of variable data printing, barcodes, QR codes
  • Screen printing: braille printing

Various finishing features are available:

  • Possibility of heat shrinking the individual reels that are delivered to the customer
  • Identification of each individual reel and track, allowing precise traceability of the delivered product
  • Use of cardboard or plastic cores inside the final reels
  • 100% control of each individual label with the PDF sent by the customer

On all our products it is applicable:

  • Tamper evident function (also enhanced with anti-counterfeiting systems)
  • Braille text
  • Lamination
  • Wood varnish

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In 2018, we acquired Poliweb Graphics, specialised in the design and production of special adhesive labels. It has allowed us to expand our range of services dedicated to the customer. The label division has a well-equipped laboratory for testing self-adhesive materials, in compliance with FINAT standards and relevant in-house methods: adhesion value, release strength, tensile strength, scratch resistance, bain-marie, ageing tests, grammage and thickness.

Via Morigi 19, 29020 Gossolengo (PC), Italy

+39 0523 557125