Design and production of Peel Off labels Design and production of Peel Off labels
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Special self-adhesive labels with one or more peel-off sections. The “Polilabel” technology makes it possible to remove a portion of the main label and reapply it to secondary containers and/or medical records, to ensure that the product is identified throughout its use cycle.

Technical specifications:

  • compatible with all the most common marking systems
  • excellent machinability during labelling
  • on request, several removable parts of different shapes can be created
  • optimum functionality of the removable parts, even over time, thanks to innovative technology

Peel Off Label
Peel Off Label
Peel Off Label
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Poliweb Graphics, specialised in the design and production of special adhesive labels, has allowed us to expand our range of services dedicated to the customer. Poliweb has a well-equipped laboratory for testing self-adhesive materials, in compliance with FINAT standards and relevant in-house methods: adhesion value, release strength, tensile strength, scratch resistance, bain-marie, ageing tests, grammage and thickness.

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