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Research, quality, precision. A solid foundation that has enabled us to currently become the leading company in Italy and one of the most established businesses in Europe, in the secondary packaging sector for the pharmaceutical industry.

Thanks to consolidated know-how, every day our experts are dedicated to designing the best solution for every business, in order to establish relationships not only of supply but also of collaboration, fundamental in the perspective of innovation.

By choosing Palladio Group, one relies not only on a precise and efficient producer, but on a genuine partner for packaging.


We want to accompany each of our partners in the evolution of healthcare, becoming the standard bearer on the road to packaging innovation and sustainability.


We engage with the best healthcare companies in a stimulating and inclusive environment, based on the integrity of our ideals.
Together, we develop excellent solutions for the industry's growth, continually supporting people and the planet.

Palladio Group


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Folding cartons | Leaflets

From small local company to solid international business.

A history that started in 1946, when Antonio Marchi decided to follow in the footsteps of his father Girolamo by acquiring a small typography shop in the heart of Vicenza. A historical moment, the post-war period, in which one returned to looking at the future with confidence: it was thanks to precisely this kind of vision, an innovative approach and a strong focus on results, that an extraordinary process of growth began, which led the company to becoming, from a small local company, a solid international business synonymous with quality and reliability.
Today, after more than 70 years, Palladio Group has more than 800 employees in eight production plants located in Italy, Ireland, Serbia and Russia, able, every day, to meet the needs of its customers with customised products and state-of-the-art services.


The Marchi family acquires a small printing shop in the Vicenza area.


The company is named "Palladio Industria Tipolitografica Spa".


The Dueville facility, now the headquarters, is set up.


Palladio Group expands with a new facility in Thiene.


The Group acquires Grafiche Zannini Spa with three new facilities in Tuscany, Ireland
and Serbia.


Pharma Partners Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging is purchased.


The innovative PhutureMed program is launched.


A new facility in Obninsk in Russia is opened.


Poliweb Graphics becomes part of Palladio Group.


The Phactory is launched, a team of graphics professionals dedicated to design, pre-
printing and consultancy services.


Palladio Group’s Innovation Hub is opened.


A partnership agreement is signed with Palladio Consulting, an engineering company
in the pharmaceutical industry.

Excellence as a standard.

We have always believed in the added value that comes from the application of international standards for quality management systems, for the environment and safety, of the Forest-based products Chain of Custody and of the GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices). A philosophy we have been carrying ahead for years with the same rigour in all the productive sites of the Group, without any distinction of geographical area, product or process, obtaining the most important system certifications.

We all sustain the talent.

We have always believed in the value of our people and in the importance of investing daily in training activities that create important opportunities for our people to grow. From the desire to cultivate the culture of learning and to share company know-how, the Palladio Academy was founded in July 2016: a training programme of excellence, defined as “a new way of knowing knowledge.”

Palladio Academy

A training project focused on developing employee skills through training courses developed on an ad hoc basis, based on the professional level. Palladio Academy is managed by the ten founders, assisted by over thirty-five trainers who, through their commitment and consistency, help to further the objective of maintaining a high standard of training in all the Group’s facilities.

To disseminate the company’s know-how, Palladio Academy also uses valuable tools such as Palladio Wiki, a veritable encyclopaedia of Palladio Group knowledge. Knowledge is a common resource: for this reason, every employee or collaborator can access Palladio Wiki and consult it to find information, updates or in-depth information about everything that concerns the world of Palladio Group.

A success story.

The search for excellence has always been in our DNA. We are able to guarantee it every day, thanks to the commitment and passion of our team, to which we dedicate each and every success we have achieved over the years.


  • Abbott Supplier Excellence Award


  • Abbott Supplier Excellence Award


  • Abbott Supplier Excellence Award


  • Abbott Supplier Excellence Award


  • J&J Supplier Excellence Award Golden Medal
  • Abbott Supplier Excellence Award


  • J&J Supplier Excellence Award Golden Medal


  • Abbott Supplier Excellence Award
  • J&J Supplier Performance Excellence Award Golden Medal


  • J&J Supplier Performance Excellence Award Golden Medal
  • J&J Sustainability Award


  • J&J Credo Award


  • J&J Supplier Performance Excellence Award Golden Medal
  • J&J Supplier Integration Award
  • J&J Credo Award
  • BMS Innovation Award for IPS Project


  • J&J Supplier Performance Excellence Award Golden Medal
  • 28th Dupont Awards for Pack Innovation Award Silver Medal
  • HCPC Europe Concepts Award 2016


  • Best cartotecnica 2017
  • Premio Confindustria Serbia per la Responsabilità Sociale (Palladio East)
  • J&J Supplier Performance Excellence Award Golden Medal


  • J&J Supplier Performance Excellence Award Golden Medal


  • J&J Supplier Performance Excellence Award Golden Medal


  • Industry 4.0 Printer of the Year - Oscar della Stampa


  • Chiesi Quality & Service Level Award