The value of environmental sustainability for Palladio Group The value of environmental sustainability for Palladio Group
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we all sustain the future

It's not just a market requirement: sustainability is a genuine opportunity for growth. For business, for each individual person, for society as a whole and for the environment.
A philosophy that we apply in our packaging design, but first and foremost in our day-to-day dealings with clients and partners for a more virtuous future: full of solutions, full of sharing, full of respect. A future of value. A future to be sustained.

We all sustain

We help people to easily and effectively look after their health and well-being. And we do so by valuing those who make this a reality: our employees, whose professional and personal lives we support through opportunities for growth and welfare programs.

We all sustain

Our relationships with customers and suppliers have always been based on mutual trust and a sense of responsibility. Our aim is to share a vision, an idea, a common project with them. Strong partnerships, true and lasting relationships from which the most innovative solutions are born.

We all sustain
the community

We promote a culture of equality, integration, and equal opportunity. We do so every day, inside and outside the company: both in our plants and through associations and foundations, supporting victims of violence, discrimination, and those with disabilities. Because before being a company, we are members of a community.

We all sustain
the planet

We are committed to minimising our emissions: that’s why we have chosen to source our energy exclusively from renewable sources, to use only certified forest-friendly raw materials, to install photovoltaic systems on the roofs of our plants, to encourage electric mobility and to adopt increasingly sustainable technologies and processes.