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Self-adhesive labels with embossed Braille lettering, developed for blind or visually impaired people. They can be applied in line, on the outside of the box or directly on the container.

Label with embossed Braille lettering. This label, in accordance with Italian Law no. 149 of 26/07/2005, shows the commercial name of the product, allowing it to be read by blind or visually impaired people. It can be applied in line, on the outer packaging (to retrieve cases in stock) or directly on the container (traditional graphic label + Braille lettering).
Technical specifications:

  • it can be of any size, in sheets or in rolls, in compliance with the minimum measurements foreseen by the Braille alphabet.
  • the embossed characters do not invalidate the visual reading of the underlying graphics.
  • excellent machinability during application.

Tactile warning label in the form of an equilateral triangle for packages containing hazardous substances.

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Poliweb Graphics, specialised in the design and production of special adhesive labels, has allowed us to expand our range of services dedicated to the customer. Poliweb has a well-equipped laboratory for testing self-adhesive materials, in compliance with FINAT standards and relevant in-house methods: adhesion value, release strength, tensile strength, scratch resistance, bain-marie, ageing tests, grammage and thickness.

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