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We have always invested in research and development, with the aim of creating highly innovative products and services, capable of responding to the growing demands of customers and end consumers.
PhutureMed was created as the answer to the medicine of the future. A programme developed to create an innovative smart packaging solution that can support patients in monitoring and observing their treatment. PhutureMed offers multiple smart packaging solutions, including Memo Solution and PluggyMed.

Developed in collaboration with the software house Omnys, PluggyMed is a system that, through the printing of conductive inks, allows the interaction between the blister pack of the drug and a smart device in order to monitor the patient’s compliance with the treatment. The information collected is then shared in a Cloud platform accessible to the various caregivers.

In collaboration with E Ink, we have developed Memo Solution: an innovative “smart box” with integrated displays and sensors designed to allow the patient to update the drug’s intake time, constantly monitoring their own treatment. It is also able to detect the thermal changes to which it is subjected, indicating when the quality of the drug is at risk.