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Unboxing the future of healthcare

07, Jul, 2022

On July 5, Gabriele Molari, Head of Marketing and Customer Innovation at Palladio Group, presented our new report “Unboxing the Future of Healthcare” at Retail4Pharma, the event dedicated to the evolution of the relationship between Customers, Pharmacists and the Industry.

To anticipate future developments in the healthcare industry, we gathered:

…and to be an inspiration to create the roots of the future together with us.

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Unboxing the future of healthcare

07, Jul, 2022

Palladio Ireland organised a charity books collection to be donated to the St. John’s Baptist School in Addis Ababa

18, May, 2022

Palladio Group signs partnership agreement with Palladio Consulting

01, Apr, 2022

Palladio Group improves its environmental impact rating

27, Jan, 2022

Palladio Group awarded Ecovadis Platinum Medal Corporate Social Responsibility

14, Jan, 2022

CPhI 2021: Palladio Group presented its innovative solutions

01, Dec, 2021

Palladio Group has launched an Innovation Hub and presented in Milan “PluggyMed”: the user-friendly smart packaging

15, Nov, 2021

Sustainability Award 2021: Palladio Group is one of the 100 Italian excellences in the field of sustainability!

08, Oct, 2021

Palladio Group among the protagonists of the fourth edition of Act in Class, the innovative Digital Transformation laboratory

29, Sep, 2021

2021 Sustainability Report: a detailed report of the Group’s projects and results in the environmental, social and economic field.

25, Jul, 2021