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Industry 4.0: the Palladio Group case

15, Mar, 2021

Antonio Marchi and Paolo Zanetti, respectively Chief Strategy Officer and Corporate Business Excellence Manager of Palladio Group, tell on Converting Magazine the path that has led our Group to become an industry 4.0.

Read the full article: Industry 4.0 – The Palladio Group Case

2021 Sustainability Report: a detailed report of the Group’s projects and results in the environmental, social and economic field.

25, Jul, 2021

New anti-counterfeiting rules: Pharma Partners adapts its production lines

18, Jul, 2021

Corporate Welfare: Palladio Group encourages and rewards a healthy lifestyle!

16, Apr, 2021

Palladio Group has been awarded a Platinum Medal in recognition of its Sustainability Performance!

01, Apr, 2021

Palladio Group makes its spaces available for the anti Covid-19 vaccination campaign!

25, Mar, 2021

Industry 4.0: the Palladio Group case

15, Mar, 2021

Palladio Group is in the “Top500 Vicenza 2021”

25, Feb, 2021

The Palladio Group’s Sustainability Report is among the top 210

19, Jan, 2021

Corporate merger of the company Poliweb Graphics S.r.l. into the company Palladio Group S.p.A.

05, Jan, 2021

Palladio Group received the Industry 4.0 Printer of the Year award

12, Dec, 2020