The value of environmental sustainability for Palladio Group The value of environmental sustainability for Palladio Group
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All the faces of sustainability.

Environmental, social and economic sustainability. Not just a market requirement: a real opportunity to grow and constantly improve.

We have always been a company oriented toward sustainable development, with respect for the environment and for people

Over the years, we have promoted important initiatives with which business commitments have been defined in relation to social, economic and environmental issues. The Company’s Code of Ethics, the Charter of Values and the Sustainability Report are some of the main documents summarising the guide-lines, objectives, strategy and results obtained by the Group.

Our sustainability path

ISO 14001 Environmental certification

1st Environmental report

1st EcoVadis assessment and reorganisation of the Sustainability Management System

1st participation in the United Nations’ Global Impact

Alignment of the Sustainability Report to established drafting standards by the Global Reporting Initiative

1st participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project

Establishment of the Sustainability Committee and identification of the SDGs related to the Group’s activities. EcoVadis annual assessment: 75% score achieved

Definition of the scenarios yo combat climate change

Development of specific initiatives in response to the Covid-19 pandemic (such as the third-party assessment and strengthening of the Business Continuity Plan)

Align business performance with the Sustainable Development targets signed by the UN member States