70 Years of commitment and passion

Palladio Group, 70 years of growth, passion and commitment.

Our story learns from the past, lasts in time and evolves towards the future. In time we have gained a great reliability,  we have become versatile and able to update ourselves according to changing times and needs.
We wouldn’t be Palladio Group if we hadn’t been able to find our strength in the group itself,  because apart from being colleagues we are first and foremost people who love their work and make it with care.
Passion, unity and vision of the future are the main values belonging to us, and even if more than 70 years have already passed we still feel young and curious.

We have chosen to narrate all of this through a video that is not to be intended as a mere celebration of our 70th anniversary, but which aims to represent all the values we share and that made us grew up all together: passion, community, vocation to internationality and will to look forward towards the future.
And who better than kinds to represent the future? The protagonists of the video do not only represent all of us working in Italy, Serbia, Ireland and Russia, but also all the people who worked before us with dedication and care to imagine and create this long story which started 70 years ago.

Enjoy it!

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