Our History


his is the story of an Italian company focused on results, which could evolve from a local to a national enterprise able to prevail in the challenge with the other international competitors. A company faithful to its own working method which has become a synonym for quality and reliability.

Antonio Marchi and his son Mauro, the current Managing Director of Palladio Group SpA.


18 January 1946
The historical Raschi typography, established by Girolamo Raschi in Vicenza in 1873, was sold by his heirs to Giovanni Battista Malaman. Its production mainly concerned travel postcards, labels for medicines, business cards and brochures.

12 November 1946

Former Raschi typography changes its name into S.I.T.A.P. (Società Industria Tipolitografia Andrea Palladio) whose new partners are Pietro Zenere, Luigi Rossato and Gaetano Falcipieri.
Mr. Rossato quits the company almost immediately and Girolamo Marchi takes over his shares.

20 November 1948:
Girolamo Marchi, together with his sons Antonio and Aldo, signs an increase in capital so that his family takes control of the Company.

Work increases so S.I.T.A.P. moves to a new plant in the east of Vicenza. The company changes its name into Palladio Industria Tipolitografica SpA.

The process of technological modernisation of the printing, die cutting and folding machines begins and goes on uninterruptedly for many years and many new orders arrive (Mondadori, cartons for the pharmaceutical industry etc.).


As the volume of work increases more and more, the Company moves to another new plant in Dueville which still is the headquarter of Palladio Group SpA. In the same year Mauro Marchi, the son of Antonio, joins the company as representative of the third business generation.


Fifty years after the foundation of the first plant, a second one is established in the town of Thiene. Productive capacity doubles and, at the same time, the company starts working for the cosmetic industry.


The official start-up of the leaflets’ production unit is announced, so that the range of products offered by the Company increases.


Grafica Zannini SpA is acquired by the Group which now gains two new factories in Tuscany, one in Ireland and a further one in Serbia. The company becomes the leader of the Italian secondary packaging field for the pharmaceutical industry.

The fusion between Palladio and Grafica Zannini is made official. Palladio Zannini Industrie Grafiche Cartotecniche S.p.A. is born.

The Serbian plant Zannini East celebrates its 10th anniversary of activity; the development and growth of the company are remarkable and Mr. Marchi signs the agreement which will lead to the doubling of the plant within 2014.

In order to diversify its range of activities and services, Palladio Zannini takes control of the Officina Farmaceutica Pharma Partners including it in a wider project of industrial growth.

Palladio Zannini renovates itself and becomes Palladio Group S.p.A. The foreign plants in Serbia and Ireland, Zannini East and Zannini Ireland, testify of this evolution changing their names into Palladio East and Palladio Ireland Packaging Solutions.



o complete the traverse of Mont Blanc on skis at the age of 73, enthusiasm, commitment and confidence in himself and in his fellows were needed. Antonio Marchi had them all in his backpack in 1993, when he decided to take on this challenge. It was a simple baggage to prepare for a man who had always considered them the fundamental principles of his own private and professional life. For almost sixty-five years Antonio Marchi had considered its company as its own family; the door of his office was always open, and very often the employees would come in to ask for advice or simply to say hello to him. He was always there to confront himself with his employees and to listen to them as he would do with his sons and grandchildren; it was in this way that he could found a company that still offers a job to hundreds of people.

Until he was 90 years old he was always there in his office, he was the symbol of a tireless will to do which still is at the basis of the firm and long lasting success of its Company.
As a member of the Italian Associazione Grafici, he has always been oriented to the business activity in the packaging and pharmaceutical fields, anticipating together with his son Mauro a takeover policy which would only recently develop on a national scale. Thanks to his commitment, the original unit of 10 employees has become a multinational corporation of more than 400 people. In 2007 he was awarded with the title of Grande ufficiale dell’Ordine della Stella della Solidarietà Italiana, a recognition which is granted only to those Italians who managed to particularly distinguish themselves abroad.

His life has certainly been an example of humanity, engagement and devotion to work since 1946 when he took over a small typography in Corso Palladio at the heart of Vicenza. With the passing of years, the typography grows up and specialises itself in new technical solutions. But all the values and principles which are at the basis of the whole company do never change and this is the reason why Palladio Group SpA is still today a great family. Antonio Marchi always said that everything started from a small family run society, always going on in the same original spirit. If that little unit has then become a great one, the credit for this success belongs to him and to the strong human relationship he was able to establish with his employees. Following the teachings of his father Girolamo, Antonio Marchi could provide his company with a familiar climate paying attention to behaviours more than to words, never forgetting the importance of good sense, confidence and professionalism of everyone’s work.


He has always believed that striking up direct and honest relationships could not only improve the quality of his own life, but also that of the whole company. He was convinced that the success of a great Group that could reach so an high level was not to insist on always being right and to let facts speak for themselves. He never had any disagreement or trouble with his employees, and if none of them ever left the company, it was because he was always there for everybody, from the manager to the new employee. And this is also the proof of the great attention that Palladio Group SpA has always had, and still has, towards everybody who works in the Group.


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