Policies and Voluntary Affiliation


e care for every activity of the Group. This is the reason why we have prepared three documents illustrating the our corporate policy with regards to “Quality”, “Forest Sustainability” and “Environment and Safety”. These documents have been compiled at the end of a long and articulated corporate analysis which has taken into account our strong and weak points, our aims, our capabilities but also the opportunities and dangers which characterise the markets we operate in. Since almost ten years we belong to the Italian Consortium for the recycling of cellulose-based packaging (COMIECO) and every year we welcome the public in to our plants for illustrating the recycling methods we apply. In addition to this, we have adhered to the Charter of the Principles of the Environmental Sustainability promoted by Confindustria.
In 2012 we have signed the Global Compact promoted by the United Nations for encouraging the companies all over the world to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies. The Pact is composed of ten principles concerning human rights, work, environment and the struggle against corruption. The Pact has a double purpose: to assimilate the fundamental principles of the United Nations in the corporate activities carried out all over the world and to promote actions to support wider goals. They are all values which identify us and which we want to represent in each of our everyday choices.

United Nations Global Compact



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