Corporate Social Responsibility


ur story is permeated with many values. It’s a patrimony that has remained unaltered until present times and which contributes to define our Socially Responsible Corporate identity.
Coherently with our roots, with the passing of time we have promoted some formal acts defining our corporate responsibilities towards the main aspects we care for: environment, work and business sustainability. With our Corporate Code of Ethics we have reaffirmed our engagement in the promotion of new development opportunities making an ethical and sustainable use of human and natural resources. Our Charter of Values reflects the corporate culture and is applied to all the activities we perform coherently with our vocation a sustainable development.
With the Environmental Sustainability Report and by means of specific indicators we can provide a complete outline of the main environmental impacts caused by our Group’s activities.
The Communication on Progress describes the activities carried out by the Group in order to respect the fundamental principles of the Global Compact keeping our stakeholders informed of the results we have obtained.


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