have always believed in the importance of guaranteeing the reliability of our work, paying attention to the quality of our products and services. Besides the commitment and competence we invest in all our activities, since many years we are striving hard to obtain the most important system certifications.

Their periodical confirmation attests to our respect for the compulsory applicable requirements (GMP, Good Manufacturing Practice) but also for the voluntary ones.
As a further proof of our respect towards the environment we have implemented new systems of forest management and we have obtained FSC® (License Code FSC-C102451) e PEFC™ (License Code PEFC/18-32-14) certifications for a responsible purchasing policy for supplied raw materials.
We apply the same policy to our foreign sites of Vršac in Serbia and Tullamore in Ireland.
We can provide FSC® and PEFC™ certified products upon request.

Actual Certification of the Plants


our know-how is a result of