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We are always researching new ways to solve any problems clients might have whilst at the same time looking for interesting new ideas to develop. The door to our laboratory is always open to external input, whether relating to the projects that we are already undertaking within the company, or indeed those submitted by technically-minded and creative young people.
Contrary to accepted beliefs, we remain convinced that innovation within the world of packaging is far from exhausted. There is much room for invention and creativity. This is the reason we remain constantly aware of any elements that we can move forward within an area which too many believe to be already fully developed.

The laboratory of ideas has two well-defined targets: companies who have very specific requirements in the design and realization of their particular packaging project and yet do not how to give shape to their ideas; young technical and creative people who have an original idea to develop and who are interested in sharing it with us so that working together it might well reach fruition.
If this applies to you, complete the form below and send us your thoughts. We should be delighted to consider them side by side with you.

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