PhutureMed program has been conceived with the main objective of creating innovative packaging solutions  for medicines. It’s an intelligent packaging system designed for supporting patients in monitoring and concording with their medicine regimes.

Memo Solution, developed in collaboration with the Taiwanese multinational E Ink, consists of a special smart box endowed with a display and integrated sensors which allows the patient to register at what time he has taken his medicine so that he can constantly control his own therapy. Thanks to the sensors it is provided with, the device can monitor the temperature condition providing a warning if the medicine’s quality is at risk.
Memo Solution can be programmed for registering any interactions with the patient thus making possible to check if he has regularly taken his medicine.

Phill Solution is a folding box printed with conductive inks making use of the flexographic printing technology.  This particular kind of inks allows the box to “interact” with smart devices in order to monitor the patients’ concordance with their therapies.  Every time a pill is expelled from the blister  thus breaking  the foil seal, a warning message is automatically sent to the patient’s  smart device so that his last medicine consumption can be registered. The information can also be transmitted and shared with a relative anywhere in the world, with the doctor or with the health insurance.

PhutureMed™ actually shows how technology can work to the advantage of health.
Our commitment in designing and developing more and more innovative solutions demonstrates that, for Palladio Group, the packaging of the future is now.


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